What to look for while choosing a domain hosting service provider

Developing or designing a website for a business is one of the easiest and most important ways of promoting that business in the present time. While designing the website itself may seem easy, the more complicated part comes when the website has to be hosted on the internet. A domain is the website address though which any user can search for the website on any search engine. But for the website to be available on the internet 24×7, it will have to be hosted on a server which has a permanent internet connection.

Unique IT World is a web based IT company who offers several service packages for domain hosting service. Some of the services offered by Unique IT World include:

Why to engage a domain hosting service provider?

An individual can very well host a domain by himself. However, he would need a specialized computer with a permanent internet connection along with an internet service provider who allows this kind of commercial usage. Domain hosting can also be quite a technical procedure and difficult to comprehend for a layman. On the other hand, a domain hosting service provider will take care of all the technicalities regarding hosting and management of a website through their specialized servers. A person who engages the services of a domain hosting service company will be left only with the task of designing the website and concentrating on building relevant content for it.

A professional service provider like Unique IT World offers services for registering, transferring and reselling a domain, as well as email and security features like Google Apps, MS Office 365 and SiteLock website security.

Domain hosting essentials

Before choosing a particular company, it is always wise to compare few of the service providers. This is important because different service providers will offer different kinds of service packages with different features and rates. Unique IT World too has several different tiers of service to suit the needs of every client.

However, if one is looking to compare, some essential things to look out for in any domain hosting service are as follows:

Features – Contrary to popular belief, domain hosting does not simply mean connecting a website to the internet. Rather, a domain hosting service provider will generally have different packages depending on the size of the website to be hosted. Accordingly, the service provider will also offer features with respect to site management and tools for building the website further. For example, some basic features which one must look for are email functionality, spam filters, auto responders and Secure Shell (SSH) access. Advanced features also include tools for the client to customize the look and navigability of the website.

Ease of Use – Domain hosting is a technical procedure and it is important that the domain hosting service provider should have the professional expertise to streamline the procedure. It is important for the service provider to have a user friendly interface so that the client himself is in a better position to customize and further build his website. Usability is of the paramount importance because it will make site management easier for the client for years to come. One should also make sure to accept only those features and tools which are actually required without making things too complicated.

Customer support – As with any other kind of service provider, a service provider of domain hosting too needs to be one who can provide immediate tech support in case of any difficulty. Hosting and managing a website is a delicate procedure and even a slight technical glitch can cause a problem in the website. Unique IT World ensures 24×7 customer service support for all its services including domain hosting.